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Picks and bumping, sport locksmiths

A lock is a mechanism installed on doors, drawers, cupboards … and bug prevents you from opening without the appropriate key, protecting the content.

The guild of locksmiths specializes in manufacturing, repairing and installing locks, but also opening them, and that’s what we will see in this article.

One way is to open a lock by using picks, tools designed especially for the case. With these tools, we managed to align the pins and allow you to rotate the bowler hat and open the door.

professional lockpicks

All this material and techniques more associated with theft and crime, with professional locksmith has its own sport, sports ganzuado, also known as “Lockpicking”, an event increasingly widespread in which participants have to open locks in a certain time or difficulty, Click here┬áto see more.

It is also common to confuse the ganzuado with popular lately , “bumping”, an original technique of Denmark, invented by professional locksmiths , but has ended up being used for criminal purposes, consisting of inserting a key into a lock and repeatedly hit until the elements move lock, so that the pins align and leave open.

Key Bumping

To avoid these problems, the best solution is to install a safety lock with side and extra pins superior, thus avoiding the effect “bumping” the only disadvantage they have is that they are three to four times more expensive than a normal lock.