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Football and pregnancy

Football and pregnancy

If we win this World Cup, Lionel Messi and Alejandro Sabella will be the parents of this feat … will be the rest of the players with their intertwined with the fate virtues … ??? Argentine fans who will be stationed in Brazil with and without silver, to vivar by our team … or will LUCK mother so great fortune ???

Messi and power, determination and push … fecundarán this world and a multitude of homes being, with the result that today we dream, inspiring other parents ???

A few Argentine households may be blessed within 9 months from the final at the Maracana, one or more babies …

All this can be measured scientifically?

A study in Spain, after the Barcelona conquered the Champions League 2009, showed that football can influence when to have children.

According to the study, recently published in the British Medical Journal of obstetrician nyc, 40 weeks after the consecration, it was recorded in Catalonia 16% more births, and many of them-some 100 mil- were attributed to the player Andres Iniesta, who capped a goal a superb performance.

A year later, the same player, some 40 weeks after that historic day, her daughter was born, and soon many accounts out and say that the drink had been holding posconsagración product.

Returning to study birth in Catalonia, by way of conclusion, there is noted: “We can infer that, at least among the study population, the euphoria derived from a victory can grow hedonistic sensations that result in intimate celebrations, which can have resulted in a number of unintended pregnancies ”

It is not always the conscious decision because of pregnancy, there are also external factors that predispose men in their sense of males when taking their women, and “make a baby”, possessing them as females of the species! !!

Football and win, could reach them with its most basal and most primitive joy and powerful part.

Celebrate with sex

A survey by the Department of Sexual Education Prime Argentina, following the World Cup in Brazil, says that 93% of people prefer to celebrate the triumphs of her having sex teams. “It is known that in the world all the male energy deposited in football and sexual desire seems to increase or decrease as the team wins or loses , “says Patricio Gómez Di Leva, sexologist sexual Education Department of Prime Condoms Argentina.

The same survey shows that nearly 40% of respondents said they prefer to watch the games with your partner, something that undoubtedly invites the postgame celebration intimate, in a action-packed third time.

“While sexuality is very sensitive to stress and a priori it seems that football away couples, at least during this World Cup will not go that says Gómez Di yeast. There is even a greater interest of women for parties and especially by the players, who eroticized, and much, to the fans. Many times they come to occupy a place of sexual object, and it ends in sexual encounters.

According to sexologist Ezequiel López Peralta, renowned Argentine specialist who lives between Ecuador and Colombia, increasingly the World is thought from eroticism. “Players are seen as objects of desire, and that erotización World eroticized moved to the -detalla- couple. And the same euphoria to encourage the selection may be an element of emotional attachment between the couple. That mental excitement also moves in some cases sexual plane. Watch a game produces a physiological activation in which the same mechanisms involved sexual arousal. Hence the intimate encounter is a step. ”


So you know … If you want a baby to watch the games with the BABY DOOL … if you do not want … to care like never !!!