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Chiropractic in professional football

Since 1986, one of the most famous football clubs in the world, AC Milan, has had a chiropractor in charge of the health of the team. This 63-year-old man, is a Belgian chiropractor called Jean-Pierre Meerssemas. According to Dr. Meerssemas – chiropractor Florence SC: “players are served each day by the chiropractor”. “This allows us to avoid many injuries, while maximizing the performance of the player.Results
they have been amazing!
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“Days of practice total losses fell by 43%, the use of medications low at 70%, and the players injuries fell by two-thirds”.
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“Before implementing our approach to chiropractic, we had many injured we needed about 35 players in the team.” Today, we need only 22,”Meersseman said. “There was a time in which mild lesions we wore using 7 injections per week. Last year, only 4 injections were made to all year.”

Other athletes who also use Chiropractic:
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Usain Bolt: (Jamaican athlete specialist tests speed, 5 world titles and 6 Olympic champion)
“The fastest man in the world, said that thanks to their care chiropractor was in top condition and ready for the Olympic Games of London 2012”

Michael Jordan (former professional basketball player American, regarded as the best player in basketball history.)
“I didn’t know how much could be improved until I began to see a chiropractor. Since I am with chiropractic, I’ve improved so much mental leaps as

Tom Brady (professional football for the New England team player
Patriots in the us, 3-time Super Bowl champion.)
“Chiropractic makes you feel so good, whenever I leave office, I feel as if I had grown up a few centimeters and with everything in its place.” While still visiting my chiropractor, I feel I have the advantage in the game”