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An Albanian club players receive their salary as cleaners snow

Tirana, 6 sea.- The mayor of an Albanian town has had to pay as professional cleaners London snow players from his football team, the Gramozi second division, which achieved its moment of glory in a friendly with Real Madrid in 2010.

In this way the players have achieved their back wages after the mayor of the city of Erseka, southeastern Albania, were included in the list of people who had cleared the streets of snow.

“I’ve seen forced to use this form of payment for some of the footballers as in the city of Erseka not have any support business people, while many players you have not receive their salary,” he told the newspaper ” Shqip “the mayor, Ali Laho.

It is unknown whether the players have taken really shovels to clean the streets of the city, but what is uncertain, writes the newspaper, is that players owers have been thus their salary arrears, which forces them to to play on the computer.

According Laho, at least five players have received money from the emergency fund granted by the Albanian government to confront the wave of cold and snow that hit Albania this winter.

The official owner of “Gramozi” is the city of Erseke, but the president remains Mustafa Taci, the father of oil tycoon Rezart Taci, who in January 2010 led Real Madrid to Tirana after having paid 2.5 million euros.

Real Madrid won the first visit of its history to Albania, where it generated a huge buzz, winning 1-2 to Gramozi in a match marked by a blackout that caused the interruption of the game for about ninety minutes.

The people of Erseke are outraged with Taci, president of the company “Taci Oil” not to donate money to the team of his hometown, while being one of the official sponsors of Milan.