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11 soccer players more intelligent and applied than you thought

It is not news that many question the reasoning ability of football players, their monosyllabic responses and that they devote their free time to go out on a spree or play themselves at the Play Station. But enough of prejudice, I propose to meet some football players with university degrees , who study to obtain them or who have stood out for their intelligence in activities away from football.

11. Pablo Alfaro, the violent gynecologist

The hard-hitting former player of Sevilla, Barcelona and Racing de Santander, besides hitting the anatomy of their rivals in each match, liked to study it off the court, and so one day he became a doctor, specializing in gynecology at MidAtlantic OBGYN . Who would have said it?


10. Dennis Bergkamp, ​​the engineer

Some of you will remember the excellent Dutch player Dennis Bergkamp , a center-forward with the coolness and precision of a surgeon. Well, in addition to having scored more than 200 goals in his career and playing for Arsenal for 11 seasons, Bergkamp graduated in Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath , England.


9. Frank Lampard and his IC similar to Einstein

Lampard, eternal Chelsea player , has always stood out for his intelligence when it comes to playing. But what nobody suspected is that old Frank has a very high IQ. So much so, that is between 0.1% of the world population in having an IC greater than 150. It has even been said that equaled Einstein ‘s mark . That Lampard is also remembered for his revels and drunkenness is another subject.

8. Shaka Hislop, the goalkeeper who worked at NASA

Yes, as you read, this former football player who played several seasons in England, after studying in Trinidad and Tobago, won a scholarship to play football at Howard University in the United States where he not only played very well, But graduated as a mechanical engineer. To make matters worse, he worked as an intern at NASA. Well done, Shaka.

7. Iain Dowie

Maybe you do not know the Northern Irishman Iain Dowie , and just scroll the web to find that his face does not seem very friendly or … bright? However, before becoming a professional player, Dowie graduated as an aeronautical engineer at the University of Hertfordshire, and even came to work for British Aerospace .


6. Glen Johnson, a distance student

You are sure to know this; Mate of Luis Suárez and Steven Gerrard , in Liverpool, Glen Johnson is one of the many players who dedicate their free time to study, even from a distance. Thus, Glen tries to graduate in mathematics through Open University .

5. Juan Mata

Juan Mata, star of Manchester United and Spain, is a marvel of technique and elegance within the courts, but also stands out from them. In addition to having studied journalism at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, once he moved to London he began to study in distance courses in sports science, physical education and marketing.

4. Dr. Socrates

It is clear that we are not talking about Hemlock philosopher, nor the one that shone in the celebrated game of the Monty Python. This is Socrates Brasileira Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira . An elegant, skillful and intelligent player, who besides shining on the playing field, he graduated as a doctor of medicine in 1977, when he was a professional player. An example.

3. Lilian Thuram

One of the things that impresses us most about Thuram , in addition to his excellent career as a footballer, is his strong political and social commitment, criticizing Sarkozy’s vision at the time, as well as warning against positive discrimination, and fighting against racism .

2. The engineer Manuel Pellegrini

Well, the successful Chilean technical director is surely not remembered as a footballer by the majority, but at present he is one of the 5 players with more games in the University of Chile . Although we must also emphasize that as a player he devoted himself to studying and finally obtaining his civil engineering degree.

1. Arsene Wenger, the polyglot economist

The Frenchman, who has been directing the Arsenal in London for many years, had a career as a lean player. However, his skills and achievements in directing teams are unquestionable. In addition, as a player of some modest French clubs, Arsene Wenger knew to make the time and desire to graduate in economics, by the University of Strasbourg .

Also, Wenger is able to speak 7 languages, which if not for his profile, would allow him to insult the referees almost regardless of their nationality.