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The 10 most recommended sports applications for Blackberry

1- ScoreMobile for Blackberry (FREE)

The best livescore for Blackberry: it has soccer results from different leagues of the world, which can be seen all together or by individual pages. In addition, you can interact with other Blackberry users.

2- ESPN Goals (FREE)


If your Blackberry allows you to watch videos, with ESPN Goals you can see all the goals of the Premier League. In addition it has livescore of the great English league.
3- L’Equipe.fr (FREE)
All sports news, livescore, fixtures and results. One bad: only available in French.
4- MyMadrid (FREE)
Indispensable for fans of Real Madrid. Teien infromación of last moment and it was updated with the classification and the calendar of the merengue team.
5- Sports Illustrated SI (FREE)
The Sports Illustrated application has the famous articles and very good photographs of the American environment.
6- Marca.com (FREE)
The most read sports newspaper in Spanish has its Blackberry PGP app among the most popular. The Spanish media offers information, photos, football news, F1, tennis, NBA and golf. Also results in real time.
7- My Fantasy Teams (U $ S 3.99)
You can enter your Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and make changes, alignments, etc. Ideal to follow your different teams from anywhere, at any time.
8- F1 2012 Timing App CP (U $ S 19.99)
Ideal to follow the Formula 1 races “from the inside”. It is the only official application with times, classification and more than 130 hours of F1 coverage.

9- Goal Mobile (FREE)

The Goal.com app is key for football fans: it has instant coverage, breaking news, exclusive interviews, transfers and live comments.

10- ESPN 107.9 FM

The Argentine radio of ESPN has its version, only available, of course, in Spanish. eye! If there are problems with the connection to access the audio, you should contact the telephone company that operates your line.

11 soccer players more intelligent and applied than you thought

It is not news that many question the reasoning ability of football players, their monosyllabic responses and that they devote their free time to go out on a spree or play themselves at the Play Station. But enough of prejudice, I propose to meet some football players with university degrees , who study to obtain them or who have stood out for their intelligence in activities away from football.

11. Pablo Alfaro, the violent gynecologist

The hard-hitting former player of Sevilla, Barcelona and Racing de Santander, besides hitting the anatomy of their rivals in each match, liked to study it off the court, and so one day he became a doctor, specializing in gynecology at MidAtlantic OBGYN . Who would have said it?


10. Dennis Bergkamp, ​​the engineer

Some of you will remember the excellent Dutch player Dennis Bergkamp , a center-forward with the coolness and precision of a surgeon. Well, in addition to having scored more than 200 goals in his career and playing for Arsenal for 11 seasons, Bergkamp graduated in Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath , England.


9. Frank Lampard and his IC similar to Einstein

Lampard, eternal Chelsea player , has always stood out for his intelligence when it comes to playing. But what nobody suspected is that old Frank has a very high IQ. So much so, that is between 0.1% of the world population in having an IC greater than 150. It has even been said that equaled Einstein ‘s mark . That Lampard is also remembered for his revels and drunkenness is another subject.

8. Shaka Hislop, the goalkeeper who worked at NASA

Yes, as you read, this former football player who played several seasons in England, after studying in Trinidad and Tobago, won a scholarship to play football at Howard University in the United States where he not only played very well, But graduated as a mechanical engineer. To make matters worse, he worked as an intern at NASA. Well done, Shaka.

7. Iain Dowie

Maybe you do not know the Northern Irishman Iain Dowie , and just scroll the web to find that his face does not seem very friendly or … bright? However, before becoming a professional player, Dowie graduated as an aeronautical engineer at the University of Hertfordshire, and even came to work for British Aerospace .


6. Glen Johnson, a distance student

You are sure to know this; Mate of Luis Suárez and Steven Gerrard , in Liverpool, Glen Johnson is one of the many players who dedicate their free time to study, even from a distance. Thus, Glen tries to graduate in mathematics through Open University .

5. Juan Mata

Juan Mata, star of Manchester United and Spain, is a marvel of technique and elegance within the courts, but also stands out from them. In addition to having studied journalism at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, once he moved to London he began to study in distance courses in sports science, physical education and marketing.

4. Dr. Socrates

It is clear that we are not talking about Hemlock philosopher, nor the one that shone in the celebrated game of the Monty Python. This is Socrates Brasileira Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira . An elegant, skillful and intelligent player, who besides shining on the playing field, he graduated as a doctor of medicine in 1977, when he was a professional player. An example.

3. Lilian Thuram

One of the things that impresses us most about Thuram , in addition to his excellent career as a footballer, is his strong political and social commitment, criticizing Sarkozy’s vision at the time, as well as warning against positive discrimination, and fighting against racism .

2. The engineer Manuel Pellegrini

Well, the successful Chilean technical director is surely not remembered as a footballer by the majority, but at present he is one of the 5 players with more games in the University of Chile . Although we must also emphasize that as a player he devoted himself to studying and finally obtaining his civil engineering degree.

1. Arsene Wenger, the polyglot economist

The Frenchman, who has been directing the Arsenal in London for many years, had a career as a lean player. However, his skills and achievements in directing teams are unquestionable. In addition, as a player of some modest French clubs, Arsene Wenger knew to make the time and desire to graduate in economics, by the University of Strasbourg .

Also, Wenger is able to speak 7 languages, which if not for his profile, would allow him to insult the referees almost regardless of their nationality.


The competition for the Soccer World Cup has started and thousands of tourists have gathered to celebrate the King’s sport festival. But when they arrive in a tropical country like Brazil , visitors should be wary because they could come in contact with many pathogens that could put their health at risk, especially when drinking or eating food. On the other hand, footballers must also take care of their food but for an additional reason, their goal is to achieve maximum performance. Here are some food recommendations for both tourists and athletes during this World Cup.

The Ministry of Health of Spain warns that in Brazil visitors are at risk of contracting diseases such as: typhoid, hepatitis A, cholera or traveler’s diarrhea. For this reason tourists are asked to take measures to avoid consuming contaminated food or drinks.

To avoid contact with pollutants, Javier Aranceta, president of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC) , recommended to consume bottled water and juices, as well as cooked foods. In this line too much emphasis should be placed on proper handwashing before consuming food and after going to the bathroom.

The recommendation for situations in which bottled water can not be purchased, will be to treat tap water with Houseweety Solid  Brass  water purification tablets or to ensure that water has been boiled to kill all types of microorganisms. Drinking water from a faucet or consuming ice from untreated water can lead to gastroenteritis, Aranceta said. Similarly, remember not to wait to feel thirsty to drink water, it is very important to take it through the day to ensure an adequate state and hydration.
Eating in the street is also a risk, so the specialists recommend going to establishments that guarantee a certain quality of food, and avoid buying ready meals in street food stalls.

Experts warn that it is a risk to take raw food, for this reason tourists should try to consume all cooked food, including salads, to avoid the presence of pathogens that could cause some kind of disease.

Champion food

In the case of soccer selections, the above recommendations are very important, but food consumption should be planned and monitored. Therefore, many of the teams participating in the World Cup of Brazil have led their own chef and nutritionist to design and prepare the menus that will allow them to perform optimally on the field.

Antonio Escribano, head of the Nutrition, Metabolism and Body Composition Unit of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, explains that football nutrition must be strategically and tactically designed, because the type of food ingested can affect in more than 80% Muscle fuel deposits of the player, influencing their performance.

The recommended diet for these athletes should provide the energy mainly for carbohydrates, to a lesser extent fat and protein. With this in mind, it should be considered that the athletes’ food should have abundant rice, potatoes, pasta, and complement with vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Restrictions are also established, as alcohol is banned, and consumption of saturated and hydrogenated fats and simple sugars is limited. That is, the sausages and confectionery / pastry / pastry are not suitable.

Each selection usually has a chef and a nutritionist, who have the mission of planning the menus according to the needs and sports demands of the players taking into account their food culture. The intention is not to make relevant changes in food and to monitor the freshness of food. The food must favor an adequate recovery of the athletes after the important physical effort to which they are submitted.

In addition, it is necessary for athletes to stay well hydrated. During training, players are advised to take between 200 and 300ml of water every 20 minutes, although in practice these needs will depend on the level of physical exertion, temperature and humidity of the training site. Therefore, the weight is taken before and after training to have an individualized data of the fluid replacement required by each of the athletes. It is thus possible to carry out your liquid consumption planning throughout the day. This individualized work is intended to optimize the recovery of each of the athletes and ensure an adequate sports performance and help to obtain excellent results, the game begins to play from the concentration hall.

In order to contribute to the health care of sportsmen and women, FIFA has produced a document summarizing issues such as nutrition and training of athletes. For those interested in the details of the diet and training considerations for footballers we offer the link to the document prepared by FIFA at the end of this note.

How do I train and lose weight for soccer?

Most soccer players are thin, notes soccer coach Taylor Tollison. If you are among the small percentage of overweight players, consider a best  training regimen that is kind to your joints, especially with your knees. The National Institutes of Health reports that overweight athletes often feel pangs of pain.


Tollison points out that traditional weight loss programs say that in order to lose weight, you need to do continuous cardio for 20 minutes a day, at least three times a week.However, continuous exercise adversely affects energy by making the fast twitch muscle fibers very slow, making you a slower athlete. This is not a plus for soccer. He recommends eliminating long distance races and focusing on interval training, which combines intense bursts of activity with slow interludes.


Playing soccer will help you lose weight, even if it is only with practice games or with some players. Peter Krustrup, a professor in the Department of Exercise and Sports Scientists, published a report in 2008 on this subject in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. He said that soccer players, compared to runners and with a controlled group, lost more weight: 6 pounds in 12 weeks. The training consisted of small one-hour exercises, two to three times a week. These brought better weight loss results than with moderate intensity races. This is probably due to the beneficial changes of soccer soccer from trotting strides, to high intensity sprinting that resemble interval training.


Soccer players have to consume a diet rich in carbohydrates, calcium and iron to ensure overall health, writes British sports scientist Thomas Reilly in Science and Soccer. Women with high training loads, especially need to avoid disturbances of the normal menstrual cycle, meaning that weight loss may not be a correct goal. In a critique of the medical literature, Reilly found that soccer players’ body competition tends to be closer to that of other team sports than to the ultra slim profile of endurance athletes. Body fat percentages of about 18 to 26 percent in female soccer players, with most around 21 percent, resemble those of the general population.

Expert Opinion

Enrico Arcelli, an Italian sports nutritionist and professional team adviser, explains in Nutrition for Soccer Players that the important goal for a soccer player, as for any athlete, is to reduce body fat and not to “lose weight” per se. Weight loss can only mean that you have sweated a lot during a match or lost muscle and glycogen, which is not the goal. The real place to lose weight is the fat pound, not muscle pounds.

Time frame

If you need to lose weight, do it in the off-season, so you can keep your energy high for competition, recommends the American Dietetic Association. To avoid gaining weight in the off-season, reduce your calorie intake. If you are a typical soccer player, the time you gain the most weight is in the low season and the weight loss occurs with the pre-season training. Ask a doctor about what you really need to lose weight before starting a diet or a training program, advises physiologist Don Kirkendall of the University of North Carolina.

An Albanian club players receive their salary as cleaners snow

Tirana, 6 sea.- The mayor of an Albanian town has had to pay as professional cleaners London snow players from his football team, the Gramozi second division, which achieved its moment of glory in a friendly with Real Madrid in 2010.

In this way the players have achieved their back wages after the mayor of the city of Erseka, southeastern Albania, were included in the list of people who had cleared the streets of snow.

“I’ve seen forced to use this form of payment for some of the footballers as in the city of Erseka not have any support business people, while many players you have not receive their salary,” he told the newspaper ” Shqip “the mayor, Ali Laho.

It is unknown whether the players have taken really shovels to clean the streets of the city, but what is uncertain, writes the newspaper, is that players owers have been thus their salary arrears, which forces them to to play on the computer.

According Laho, at least five players have received money from the emergency fund granted by the Albanian government to confront the wave of cold and snow that hit Albania this winter.

The official owner of “Gramozi” is the city of Erseke, but the president remains Mustafa Taci, the father of oil tycoon Rezart Taci, who in January 2010 led Real Madrid to Tirana after having paid 2.5 million euros.

Real Madrid won the first visit of its history to Albania, where it generated a huge buzz, winning 1-2 to Gramozi in a match marked by a blackout that caused the interruption of the game for about ninety minutes.

The people of Erseke are outraged with Taci, president of the company “Taci Oil” not to donate money to the team of his hometown, while being one of the official sponsors of Milan.

Soccer Camps Learning English or Spanish

The football camps are programs specifically created for children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years.

To participate in a camp do not need to be an expert player of the sport, not be a crack , just be willing to learn more about the technical and tactical aspects.

If a child likes to play football, have fun and make friends, go to a campus. If you want to be a player signed by a major club (such as in soccer camps Manchester United ), you must attend a camp. If you want to spend a stay surrounded by teachers and professional trainers to get the most out of your skills, you can sign up on one of them.
This means, that can be many reasons why a child join a soccer camp during school holidays in summer.

To lay out a summer camp football, organizers divided participants into groups, depending on the age of each. This is simply so that students are in contact with children of the same age and condition and that como aprender ingles pela internet as much as they can.

In addition, there are specific programs for porters, where they teach you all the techniques that must have a good goalkeeper , how to develop your reflexes, how to analyze a game from that area of the field, what to say to his companions, how to tackle a criminal, etc.

The football camps are very sensitive to the training process, as well as the progress of each player therefore does not need to be professionals or have previous experience to sign up and participate.

While most young people attending a campus football have the desire to become professionals in the future and be seen and indexed by the best teams in the world, there are others who do to learn more and develop their skills and the way they play.

Perhaps the first step to a new world in the life of small and from their entry into the campus wants to improve and become a player in a local assembly or abroad. That will decide together with parents and teachers, depending on their abilities and desires.

In soccer camp no student is suspended or circumvented if you do not play well or wrong, because everything takes place in anatmosphere very warm, relaxed, where it competes not otherwise than healthily.

During practice also theoretical contents will be included, so that they can have a comprehensive understanding of what football in particular and sports in general, with videos and texts on eating healthy, competitive exercises, etc.
A soccer camp is an excellent idea for the upcoming holidays and is open to anyone who wishes to attend under the required age.
Soccer Camps Soccer Camps =
Teens = Teenagers
Crack = Slang for being very good at something
Player fichado = A pleasure That will like to Become pro.
Diagramming = To plan / organize
Goalkeepers = Goalkeepers
Wicketkeeper = Goalkeeper
Tackling criminal penalty kick = Safe to
Signing up = Sign up
Skills = Skills
Sanctioned = penalized
Mocked = Laugh at
Ambiente = Atmosphere
Food = Food / Health care

Picks and bumping, sport locksmiths

A lock is a mechanism installed on doors, drawers, cupboards … and bug prevents you from opening without the appropriate key, protecting the content.

The guild of locksmiths specializes in manufacturing, repairing and installing locks, but also opening them, and that’s what we will see in this article.

One way is to open a lock by using picks, tools designed especially for the case. With these tools, we managed to align the pins and allow you to rotate the bowler hat and open the door.

professional lockpicks

All this material and techniques more associated with theft and crime, with professional locksmith has its own sport, sports ganzuado, also known as “Lockpicking”, an event increasingly widespread in which participants have to open locks in a certain time or difficulty, Click here to see more.

It is also common to confuse the ganzuado with popular lately , “bumping”, an original technique of Denmark, invented by professional locksmiths , but has ended up being used for criminal purposes, consisting of inserting a key into a lock and repeatedly hit until the elements move lock, so that the pins align and leave open.

Key Bumping

To avoid these problems, the best solution is to install a safety lock with side and extra pins superior, thus avoiding the effect “bumping” the only disadvantage they have is that they are three to four times more expensive than a normal lock.

Increases malware for World Football

The first cases of malware related to the celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2010, which begins in South Africa have already occurred. As in other international events of great impact, the high volume of Internet traffic generated attracts many spammers and hackers. It is for this reason that companies and users should be especially cautious when navigating seeking information about such events. Security firm Fortinet alert malware proliferation on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup 2010, learn more at removemalware.net

Historically, hackers have tried to hijack the traffic of the most popular websites, and the site of the FIFA World Cup would not be an exception. Cybercriminals have tried on numerous occasions that their systems work. They made ​​based on social networking attacks, spam campaigns (containing malicious attachments or links) and through search engine optimization, SEO. Attacks through SEO search engines are that situate malicious sites among the top positions in the search results page for certain key words and phrases.

SEO attacks are especially dangerous because they easily deceive the user, unlike in other easier to detect. In addition to malware attacks, fraud is one of the threats that have to be alert. FIFA recently warned fans who were vigilant about communications relating to inputs and other matters allegedly made by FIFA in which users are asked for additional data on bank accounts and personal information to confirm the purchase of these tickets.

The Fortinet FortiGuard team analyzes daily all types of threats such as spam, malware and botnets. Cybercriminals renew their attack techniques to develop new ways to achieve their goals by what is essential to have a robust defense plan.

How to Create A Sport Site

images (7)Each day has the appearance in France of a new sports club or fitness club. If demand is high, competition is fierce. Create a free websiteis not a sufficient condition for success in professional sports or fitness, but it is undoubtedly a necessary condition in our time . Sports, whether strenuous, simple amateurs or simply sports Sunday, have to find your sports site on Google and a set of necessary information that will allow them to make you appear in their “short list”. One from which they will make their final choice, eg from on-site review your sports equipment (gym, weight machines, ellipticals, diverse and varied machinery …).

Make a sports association site or a sports club site is thus a requirement if we want to register the club in the long term. But how to do it ?

How to create a sports site?

“Making his website is a sport! “Sometimes when we hear gym manager contacts Your Business Digital Melbourne  . We can only agree with him … before him wrong. For it is precisely this philosophy that was built our solution to create professional website , to offer the opportunity for any professional athlete to have a website that matches their desires, without leaving the sweat there and blood!

And since the benefits of the sport is to achieve inner peace, know that we guarantee the security and availability of your fitness site and all content therein. In other words, you can focus on sport. And you will quickly realize that you manage your sports site will be the icing on the cake of a day of fun!

site template for sports club

The shape, movement, desire, energy! This is why we must find first a template sports site. To achieve this, some elements are unavoidable and there is found among those the use of bright, attractive colors and a setting well chiselled page.

But as everyone has their own idea of ​​what should be the perfect sports club site, so search our templates list. Maybe you’ll prefer a different site template, who knows?

Features of website template for sports club

The colors of the sports world are present and well developed. The user wants to enter your website, as he wants to get into your gym and test the latest machines in your gym. athlete at the him, invite him to come and make him understand that he can – and should – come as it is!

Is this the cristiano Ronaldo flirting with a fan?

Some cameras captured the visual ‘romance’ between the front of Real Madrid and a girl who asked him for a photo after derby Champions

Cristiano Ronaldo has won three Golden Balls, two of them with Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to win the Derby at the Vicente Calderón, but it does have reason to smile. Even if they are very young. After the match, he climbed to the bus that would return him to the concentration of the Madrid in a very good mood. Why?

All for a fan, a fan of the Madrid and the personality of the Portuguese.The girl waited for his departure and asked him three times to take a picture with him. The type agreed.

View image | gettyimages.com
Cristiano Ronaldo in the last Derby. To the athletic has to scored 15 goals.

Done the favor, some cameramen were given account that looks between the two remained. Christian was on the bus, up, away from people, but * contact maintained with the chic * to. Some images were disseminated in Magnetic Messaging Review channel.

It is not the first time that looks very happy with Cristiano Ronaldo with the girls. A few years ago, his flirtation with a model of a car brand was news around the world. Women, no doubt, are one of its reasons to smile.

Chiropractic in professional football

Since 1986, one of the most famous football clubs in the world, AC Milan, has had a chiropractor in charge of the health of the team. This 63-year-old man, is a Belgian chiropractor called Jean-Pierre Meerssemas. According to Dr. Meerssemas – chiropractor Florence SC: “players are served each day by the chiropractor”. “This allows us to avoid many injuries, while maximizing the performance of the player.Results
they have been amazing!
Photo News Chiro 332x259 4.1
“Days of practice total losses fell by 43%, the use of medications low at 70%, and the players injuries fell by two-thirds”.
Photo News Chiro 332x259 4.2
“Before implementing our approach to chiropractic, we had many injured we needed about 35 players in the team.” Today, we need only 22,”Meersseman said. “There was a time in which mild lesions we wore using 7 injections per week. Last year, only 4 injections were made to all year.”

Other athletes who also use Chiropractic:
Photo News Chiro 332x259 4.3
Usain Bolt: (Jamaican athlete specialist tests speed, 5 world titles and 6 Olympic champion)
“The fastest man in the world, said that thanks to their care chiropractor was in top condition and ready for the Olympic Games of London 2012”

Michael Jordan (former professional basketball player American, regarded as the best player in basketball history.)
“I didn’t know how much could be improved until I began to see a chiropractor. Since I am with chiropractic, I’ve improved so much mental leaps as

Tom Brady (professional football for the New England team player
Patriots in the us, 3-time Super Bowl champion.)
“Chiropractic makes you feel so good, whenever I leave office, I feel as if I had grown up a few centimeters and with everything in its place.” While still visiting my chiropractor, I feel I have the advantage in the game”

DJ Schiller act in the final of the Europa League

The German, with Arlissa, will be responsible for carrying out the opening ceremony of the decisive match between Liverpool and Sevilla at St. Jakob-Park, Basel, on 18 May.

The DJ Schiller will be at the opening ceremony of the UEFA Europa League 2016

More than 200 people will join forces to make a spectacular choreography before the final of the UEFA Europa League at St. Jakob-Park, Basel, on 18 May. The famous dj hire melbourne Schiller and Arlissa singer performing on the lawn with dancers from a local school of Rheinfelden.

The opening ceremony is a tribute to the finalists and passion that has led them to the final. DJ Schiller and Arlissa sing his new song ‘Not in Love’, while his show will also feature a group of local artists, including Swiss gymnastics team and dancers from the local school Tanz Atelier Rheinfelden. Also act a professional dance group from Germany that will go to the final as a guest.
© UEFA.com


The artistic concept behind the ceremony was created by the Polish agency by the choreographer Platige Image Waldek Szymkowiak. Platige Image, known worldwide for using advanced technological solutions in their events and TV production, was also in charge of the opening ceremonies of the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup in Warsaw and Tbilisi, respectively, last season.

Is YouTube the option to issue legally football?

The platform streaming videos YouTube is uncovering as a serious option for those users who choose to hire Premium parties to view the service through Google. The video portal will offer Cup matches live and in high definition to users outside Spain who hire the method of payment at a price per game or pattern of hiring a season.

Football has definitely come to YouTube. Just a few days ago I communicated that Mediapro had decided to offer through Bein Sports YouTube channel . The objective was clear, able to cover the matches of the Champions League to all those viewers who can not see another way to look through platforms such as television Premium Orange or Vodafone, using the video portal.

The agreement they have closed both the League and Mediapro is focused, yes, to international clients and will be offered exclusively outside our borders. For now the list of countries that will for the moment are: United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Macedona, Ukraine, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Argentina.

bein sports channel streaming youtube

However, this new agreement plus the ability to view the Bein Sports channel through YouTube has created a foundation for the future to buy youtube subscribers, the matches of Copa del Rey in Spain can be followed through this platform as well. So far offered two modalities regarding hiring , the first of which a single payment by each party of 4,99 euros . Conversely, subscribers have the option to pay a fee of 19.99 euros for the season of the Copa del Rey except for the final.

Football on YouTube: an audience of over 1,000 million viewers

The agreement benefits on the one hand TV operator has thus a new way to exploit the rights of retransmission, and on the other hand is a boost for the internalization of competitions Spanish domestic in countries around the world face achieve better promote football. The League also count on a powerful ally against illegal alternatives that populate the network and the streaming unauthorized parties has been one of the great scourges of this business, and in fact until now also on YouTube those channels are pursued hanging videos without rights to do so.

  • TV Forum

The broadcasts will be live and the quality of the broadcast will be in high definition and isonly necessary to access the channel   “youtube.com/laligatvcopa” , ideal for those fans who are away from home and want to follow the progress of their team option KO in the competition. Youtube is thus subjected to the acid test to see if in the future streaming television has a new competitor who can exploit a user base of billions of people around the globe.

Do you think that YouTube can gain weight when offering sports broadcasts?

5 Best Movies about soccer

Most men are football fans, this is a phenomenon that occurs in almost everyone. If we see a rolling ball, no matter which party is concerned, we were smitten; as well as play football video games, read about football and, why not, we watched movies about this exciting sport on project free tv.

In recent months much has been talking about maybe making a film about Lionel Messi and Pele has already confirmed that soon begin filming a movie about him, so we took the opportunity to review the top 5 films about football and you can enjoy these movies in HD at stream.

Soccer Days (2003)

With the leading role of Alberto San Juan, Ernesto Alterio, Natalia Verbeke and Maria Esteve, Football Days is a film director David Serrano that revolves around personal conflicts of a team of thirtysomething athletes, who will make the impossible to become in a local tournament champions. The tape had five nominations for the Goya awards .

The Longest Penalty Shot in the World (2005)

A peculiar Spanish film adaptation, directed by Roberto Santiago and starringFernando Tejero , who will play Fernando, a frustrated archer who must assume great responsibility to replace the goalkeeper by a team of third division. The film is an adaptation of the book of Osvaldo Soriano .

Skedaddle (2007)

We are possibly at the first football movie focused from the point of view of an umpire who in addition to suffering a deep depression, he will be forced to continue his life directing all kinds of parties and ignoring insults the audience. The film was directed by Alvaro Fernandez Armero .

The Damned United (2009)

British cinema gave us The Damned United , a drama inspired by real cases.Football has never been focused on the new concepts of Michael Sheen , who adds a different and original vision. In that sense, the black humor is the best ally for these films.

Offside (2012)

This is the latest football tape. Also starring actor Fernando Tejero and under the direction of David Marquis . In offside is a comedy co – produced between Argentina and Spain. History tells us the unfortunate events that happen in a football team. Hugo Silva, Diego Peretti and Patricia Montero also participate.

Hydration in soccer: How much and when to drink?

Hydrate football

Undoubtedly, the  consumption of water and carbohydrate during exercise is one of the most proven and effective as sources nutritional strategy for increased performance in soccer players . However, according to the whole house water filter review, there are different variables that coaches, players and trainers must consider in order to extract the maximum potential of the players defining a personalized nutrition tailored to your needs individual:

1. How much to rehydrate?

2. What kind of food and drink have to eat?

3. When during exercise?

4. What should be changed in the diet on climate?


During training and competition is to avoid dehydration by drinking water or sports drinks , taking advantage ofdrinking during the match, preheating or halftime . In addition, the trainer or coach should watch stops for rehydration of players according to the intensity of the match and temperature .


We must also adapt sessions rehydration sweat loss during training but is not necessary drink what has been lost in body weight. The fluid loss should not exceed 2% of body weight . Example: 1 kg for a 50 kg, 1.5 kg for 75 kg and 2 kg per person of 100 kg .


These considerations may suffer different variables depending on the weather, so that mustadapt sessions hydration to weather conditions to minimize the negative effects of the total loss of fluid in the body of the players. So, ideally in the case of hot weather it is tomake pauses rehydration during training and taking advantage of stoppages to drink during the football game .


When you need more than water?

A nutritional strategy is to take a high dose of carbohydrates through liquids , raising carbohydrate reserves to the party and eating more servings during the competition, allowing increased performance of players. The best fluid intake and fuel will enable players run faster and longer in the second half , and also helps to keep your skills and reasoning.


Often, football matches are won or lost in the last minutes and  fatigued players are more prone to injuries . In most cases, the  sports drinks commercial containing about 4 to 8% carbohydrates allow simultaneously meet the needs of carbohydrate and fluid .The benefits of carbohydrate intake associated with achievement are approximately 20 to 60g / hour.


It should also add the sodium liquid ingested during exercises over 1 to 2 hours for people who lose large amounts of sodium based on their activity. The caffeine is present in most regular meals and drinks  can increase endurance during prolonged exercise. You may get these benefits by consuming a low dose of caffeine, such as 1.5 mg / kg body weight (equivalent to a cup of coffee or 500-750 ml of a cola drink).


Rehydration after exercise

Recovery after exercise is part of the preparation for the next session. The  replacement of sweat loss is an essential part of this process. Both water and salt loss in sweat must be recovered. You should drink about 1.2 to 1.5 liters of fluid for every kilo of weight lost in training or competition. Drinks should contain sodium (the main salt lost in sweat) if no other food is not ingested.


The sports drinks that contain electrolytes are helpful , but many foods can supply the salt that is needed. An extra small amount of salt can be added to meals when salt loss is high, but salt tablets should be used with caution.

Football and pregnancy

Football and pregnancy

If we win this World Cup, Lionel Messi and Alejandro Sabella will be the parents of this feat … will be the rest of the players with their intertwined with the fate virtues … ??? Argentine fans who will be stationed in Brazil with and without silver, to vivar by our team … or will LUCK mother so great fortune ???

Messi and power, determination and push … fecundarán this world and a multitude of homes being, with the result that today we dream, inspiring other parents ???

A few Argentine households may be blessed within 9 months from the final at the Maracana, one or more babies …

All this can be measured scientifically?

A study in Spain, after the Barcelona conquered the Champions League 2009, showed that football can influence when to have children.

According to the study, recently published in the British Medical Journal of obstetrician nyc, 40 weeks after the consecration, it was recorded in Catalonia 16% more births, and many of them-some 100 mil- were attributed to the player Andres Iniesta, who capped a goal a superb performance.

A year later, the same player, some 40 weeks after that historic day, her daughter was born, and soon many accounts out and say that the drink had been holding posconsagración product.

Returning to study birth in Catalonia, by way of conclusion, there is noted: “We can infer that, at least among the study population, the euphoria derived from a victory can grow hedonistic sensations that result in intimate celebrations, which can have resulted in a number of unintended pregnancies ”

It is not always the conscious decision because of pregnancy, there are also external factors that predispose men in their sense of males when taking their women, and “make a baby”, possessing them as females of the species! !!

Football and win, could reach them with its most basal and most primitive joy and powerful part.

Celebrate with sex

A survey by the Department of Sexual Education Prime Argentina, following the World Cup in Brazil, says that 93% of people prefer to celebrate the triumphs of her having sex teams. “It is known that in the world all the male energy deposited in football and sexual desire seems to increase or decrease as the team wins or loses , “says Patricio Gómez Di Leva, sexologist sexual Education Department of Prime Condoms Argentina.

The same survey shows that nearly 40% of respondents said they prefer to watch the games with your partner, something that undoubtedly invites the postgame celebration intimate, in a action-packed third time.

“While sexuality is very sensitive to stress and a priori it seems that football away couples, at least during this World Cup will not go that says Gómez Di yeast. There is even a greater interest of women for parties and especially by the players, who eroticized, and much, to the fans. Many times they come to occupy a place of sexual object, and it ends in sexual encounters.

According to sexologist Ezequiel López Peralta, renowned Argentine specialist who lives between Ecuador and Colombia, increasingly the World is thought from eroticism. “Players are seen as objects of desire, and that erotización World eroticized moved to the -detalla- couple. And the same euphoria to encourage the selection may be an element of emotional attachment between the couple. That mental excitement also moves in some cases sexual plane. Watch a game produces a physiological activation in which the same mechanisms involved sexual arousal. Hence the intimate encounter is a step. ”


So you know … If you want a baby to watch the games with the BABY DOOL … if you do not want … to care like never !!!

The new accounting standard threatens bankruptcy football clubs

Eight historic Spanish football clubs -Celta, Malaga, Sporting, Levante, Real SMandrid, Alaves, Murcia and Barcelona-, mostly in inferiores- categories and have been forced to qualify for a bankruptcy process recently. But the situation may worsen in the coming months in the big teams, due to the new General Accounting Plan by bookkeeping services brisbane, which introduces changes in the way of accounting for the income of clubs.

The new accounting standards can sidelining large Spanish football teams. In the final of the League, the adaptation of the General Accounting Plan (PGC) to sports clubs is aggravating their already serious financial complications, changing the way computing their main income in the income statement. The seriousness of the current situation leads to dozens of teams of Spanish league -for the time being, inferiores- categories are now on the verge of disappearance. In the best case, on many sports societies flies over the specter of bankruptcy and demotion.

The main reason for the recent accounting changes resides in television rights, which may make up half of the total income of a team. The reason: how to account for this chapter, instead of computing as equity (as equity club for all purposes), now included as an imprest account whose income can not be taken into account for the purpose of entering or not in a bankruptcy proceeding (bankruptcy). Along with this change in the way of considering income, temporary accounting problem appears because the changes alter the way of distribution among different exercises.

If not emit, not cobras
“In the multi – year item of expenditure and revenue included, so far, revenue from the television broadcasting ‘matches, explains Jorge Pecourt, tax expert in sports law Cuatrecasas. “Under the old regime, teams always included this item in the total count account waiting to enter” within equity, he adds. That is, once entered even though his computer out for several years.

But the PGC must now adapt to change this situation: the new accounting considers that, since it is television revenue several years, should be treated as an advance. Thus, this type of income, which does include fully for the purposes of normal operation of the company, do not as such deciding a bankruptcy process, a situation that now lurks dozens of clubs in Spain.

In this way, teams can no longer be included as base for possible uncollectible revenue all multiannual television revenue as the previous standard allowed (1991). This change, according to industry sources, the chances of bankruptcy triggers clubs. The PGC has thus topped the battered situation that crossed the teams, especially in the Second, Second B and Third Division. While much of the clubs first admit that they have delayed implementation of the new PGC. For now, they have only flirted with these rules, which will not be reflected at all in the accounts until July.